Sharon V. RoTz

Quilter, Designer, Textile Artist


 "I love the color,     the texture,  and     the pattern designs   of fabric.

It is exciting to drown myself in fabric and come up with different combinations.

I find it a  a joyful challenge to see what new perspectives can be achieved."

Welcome to my world.....

filled with

Color , Texture and Pattern

Sharon's passion is to share her love of fabric with others  through teaching skills, inspiring ideas, and encouraging appreciation of quilting as an art form. Specializing in creative use of color and design, she is ready to share her quilting world with you.

From childhood, learning embroidery stitches from her mother and making her first skirt in 4-H, Sharon felt a close connection to fabric. She pursued a degree in Home Economics Education, worked in the ready-made clothing industry, learned tailoring and dressmaking and spent many years making custom home decor.   When Sharon entered the quilting world, she brought with her this varied background of skills and expertise.

Recent and Upcoming Events

A View from the Top Quilt: Fiber Art Exhibit - October 7-8, 2017

    Litchfield Opera House, 136 N. Marshall Ave. Litchfield, MN

Dassel Fall Art Tour 2017 - October 28, 2017

    Dassel History Center and Ergot Museum, Dassel, MN

We Are What We Make: Community Showcase Exhibition -

    February 12-March 9, 2018

     Hutchinson Center for the Arts, 15 Franklin St. SW,                                

        Hutchinson, MN

Fiber Art Exhibit - May 1-June 8, 2018

    Marshall Area Fine Arts Council Gallery, 109 North Third St. 

    Marshall, MN

Nature Inspired Art Exhibit - June 11-July 14, 2018

    Hutchinson Center for the Arts, 15 Franklin St. SW,

        Hutchinson, MN